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Bob and I got our 1st Ridgeback in 1990. We were only looking for a family pet. But when shown a pedigree with all those CH's, we thought we'd try our hand at showing in the conformation ring. Our dear Rhoda was never bred.

When she died, we called a friend we'd met at dog shows. We were put on the puppy list for their next litter. We had no idea how much she would educate us in the breed. Our sincere gratitude goes to Kate Borst of Jabulani, who has helped us thru many trials and concerns, and whom we consider to be a dear friend.

Our dogs, who descended from the highly-respected Jabulani line, have meant a great deal to us, and continue to do so. They are not only companions, show dogs, family members and another mouth to help eat the popcorn. They accompany us on vacations, family or public gatherings, camping, pontooning, and so on. They provide us with entertainment, whether at home or at dog events. They also give us a huge sense of pride.

As a small, and fairly young breeding kennel (our 1st litter being whelped Sept. 2000), we have had few litters. The puppies we have invested our time, energy, and love (or blood, sweat, and tears??) raising generally have homes waiting for them before they are born. So there are no breedings before there is substantial interest. All inquiries are welcome to visit with us and see our dogs. It is important to have this time in the dog's home environment. This is where they are most comfortable and those visiting can see what they can expect of this breed. Of course, all RR's have their own personalities. But generally, you get an impression of their guardian tendencies, demeanor with welcomed visitors, and their interaction with any children present. Though our own kids are grown, we have grandkids that enjoy visiting and spending nights. Ridgebacks, in general, do well with children. However, supervision is needed with little ones. Not only does a young RR need to learn boundaries of what is acceptable behavior and interaction, but so does a child. They need to learn how to treat a puppy or dog. We are also here to help you make an informed decision whether this is the right breed for your family and lifestyle.

All our puppies leave with the agreement that their new owners will take them thru Puppy Kindergarten and an obedience class. Great dogs aren't born...they're trained. We want you to have a terrific dog you can be proud of, and your family and friends will admire.

Ridgebacks are a wonderful breed and hobby for us, but they're not for everyone. The breed and breeders should be researched before you make a commitment. We want you to be informed on the good, and the not so good, characterists of the breed. You should also feel confident and comfortable with the breeder you've chosen. The breeder should be available to answer questions or comment on concerns for the life of your dog. Thank you for your interest.

Bob and Vicki

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