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In Memoriam

Jabulani Willow of R Star (aka "Willow")
February 1997 -April 2011

In April 2011, we said good-bye to our precious Willow. She was the sweetest dog we ever knew...unless she had newborn puppies to protect. We'll remember her as always very loving and patient. She saw many wonderful sites as she travelled with us, and met many interesting people at shows, our home, or just being 'out and about' with us or Shari and Joe. Willow blessed us with our first 3 litters, and we learned so much from her. The biggest thing Willow taught us is that we could survive with her living with someone else (though we thought our hearts had been ripped from our chests)...and that they could indeed love her as much as we did! We were thankful for her extended visit with us a few months before she was gone. We knew we'd probably never see her again, and cherished every minute of her stay. We were also proud of our pack...they must have known Willow was very old, as they were quite careful around her. Thank you Shari and Joe, for that opportunity.


Willow Willow


CH R Star Baye Bomani (aka "Tank")
September 2000 -December 2010

One picture just doesn't do justice to portray the wonderful, handsome, loving, gentle boy you were. Our 2nd born Ridgeback puppy in our 1st litter, you were everything we could ever hope for. You were a joy to show and champion in the Bred By Exhibitor class. We loved taking you everywhere with us, showing you off to our friends and family. Always mellow, but ready, willing and able to protect your home and loved ones. Our "Straight Forward Warrior", we loved you so much and always will. It's so very hard to say good-bye. You are gone, but will never be forgotten. You've blessed us with many fabulous puppies. Thank you, Tankman, for everything you were to us, as well as being the loyal and loving companion to Shari and Joe. You leave us all with many, many beautiful memories


Tank Tank

Tank Tank & Willow

June 1994-July 2002

How lucky we were to have had you in our family and in our lives. You have left us with many precious memories, and you'll live on in our hearts forever.

September 2000 -June 2006

You were our 1st born R Star puppy. What a thrill you were for us!!! You
were a beautiful puppy who grew to be a stunning adult with many
admirers!!! Your heart, trust, loyalty, love, temperament, and ridge (!)
were beyond compare. We were all so proud of you, always! You will be
missed by so many friends and family members. We'll never forget
you. Thank you for making so many dreams come true!

Tank & Pippi

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