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Our Dogs - Tank

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CH R Star Baye Bomani - Tank

Tank was my "pick" of Willow's 1st litter. Tank has grown into his name, being 31" and aprox 100 lbs. Tank is pictured with Clint and (a few times) with Grandson Sammy. In the parade pic, Tank is hanging out with 1/2 brother Stock (aka CH R Star Stock). Tank's health info can be seen at www.offa.org He passed his genetic testing as required by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, and then some. His OFA's certify his hips rated as "Excellent", elbows "Clear", eyes "Normal", thyroid "Clear". Tank earned his championship, not only in a timely fashion...but he earned all his points from the Bred By Exhibitor Class, which is a feather in both our hats!

Tank was whelped here, and was my pick. We raised him, trained him, socialized him, loved him, showed and championed him. And when the time came...placed him with a dear friend who loves him like we do. We see Tank a few times a year, and it's just like seeing a wonderful friend again!

One of the characteristics of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is being aloof with strangers. And Tank gives a whole new meaning to "aloof." Even at the lure coursing field, if it meant he had to exert some energy, count him out!
Yes, he'd run... as long as I was running with him! But I pooped out long before the end of the course!! ;-) There are far too many witnesses around for me to say Tank "ran like a champ after that lure!" It was quite a sight!

From the pics, you can tell there isn't a mean or aggressive bone in Tank's body. He has style, can't deny that. He has grace in movement. He's got the look of an "old friend" that knows everything you're feeling. He has a very sweet nature, that makes you think he wouldn't stand a chance in pursuit of any prey, or being chased himself. But just knock at the door, and you know he's "on duty to protect and to serve!!!" He'll always be "my boy."



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