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Lion Hunting Lessons

The Rhodesian Ridgeback, a native breed of South Africa has the advantage of having keen sight, and a good nose for scent. Due to the wide-open terrain of the southern African veldt, coupled with the habits of the game to be hunted and the techniques required to hunt such game in that terrain, the Ridgeback was developed as a silent trailer, characteristic of its sighthound ancestry.

Join Belle & Odin as they show off their Lion & big game hunting skills...

First, it's easiest if you can sneak up on the lion from behind.

Lions are very lazy and tend to be off-guard when lounging.
Belle - Hunting Lions
After the initial attack from the back, work your way around the head. Be sure to check for concealed weapons and parasites.

Although Ridgebacks hate ticks and fleas, they can be found fairly easily on them. It takes a bit more searching to find them on lions.
Belle - Hunting Lions

Next, look your prey right in the eye and show you have no fear. Generally, at this time the lion will just surrender. If he doesn't, an intimidating growl should make it clear he has no option other than to give up.

A smart lion will recognize he's met his match.

Belle - Hunting Lions
After claiming rights to the victory (and posing for a photo), it will be up to the Ridgeback's owner what should be done with the lion. A variety of ideas are possible. The lion in this particular 'hunt' proved to be trainable, and will assist Belle in keeping the neighborhood safe from other possible threats. They appear to make a formidable team.

Belle made this victory look easy. However, not all Ridgebacks possess her level of cunning, bravery, and tact.
Belle - Lion Hunting

Odin has recently begun his hunting lessons. He has progressed into the 'action' part of training.

After convincing his buddy, Billy, to play the part of the lion, he'll work on perfecting his approach of his prey.

Odin & Billy - Lion Hunting Skills

Billy has decided to make Odin work hard for his training. What a friend Billy is to want Odin to be prepared for a real challenge!!!

Odin begins w/ a bit of 'stalking', ready to spring into action when Billy appears to be off-guard. It doesn't look like Odin will be able to attack from behind this time...but we'll see! Odin's been practicing, and every animal is now watching out for him and his tricks. Good luck, Odin!!!!

Odin & Billy


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